2021 Victorian Seeding & Grading Lists

Here is the Grading List for 2021 (which remains unchanged from 2020) and the Seeding List for the start of 2021 (the Seeding List is regularly updated throughout the year, where as the Grading List is a constant until 1/1/2022).

Note:  People who “only” have an E grading in all categories are seldom found on the grading list.

People who have not been competing over the last few years have been removed from these lists.  If you have any queries as to why you may no longer appear on these lists, this may be due to inactivity and you are encouraged to contact grading@vicrally.com.au.

When a competitor returns to competition after a break, and are no longer on the Seeding List, an Event Organiser may check with us to see where they were graded several years ago to use as a guide as to where to place them on a start list

2021 Victorian Seeding List as at 30 June 2021

2021 Victorian Seeding List  (as at completion of the WVCT Valley Stages0

2020 Victorian Grading List (as at 1 January 2021)