Eager field for Mitta

38 lucky crews will line up at Mitta this coming Saturday 6 May, of which ten will be entered in the Mitta Masters.

Glen and Steve Raymond are seeded at one and two respectively in a pair of Subaru WRX.  In 2WD, Alan Friend and Andrew Travis, down from NSW have joined Luke Sytema for valuable solid, blind mountain experience, a key for success in the Alpine Rally later in the year.

The weather forecast is for an ideal balmy North Eastern Victoria autumn day, and the relentlessly twisty Mitta mountain roads will be in ideal condition.  What can crews expect?  First up is a 14km warm up on an overgrown old logging road on a natural earth/gravel surface.  Next is a 30km downhill run on good graded gravel to start and end with and granite sand in the middle.  Stage three is 16km on slippery dry granite sand through open grazing country with a forest run in the middle.  Next is 18km on undulating natural earth/gravel up and over a mountain.  The final stage is 53 km on good gravel surface logging roads to start and end with, linked by a challenging new road.  Many sharp stones to avoid punctures early on, but easier on tyres towards the end, will demand a careful approach to go the distance without dramas.

The standard fuel calculator of 1.4km per litre on stages and 5km per litre on liaisons comes up with 44 litres on two loops out of Mitta.  Given the trigger for a refuel is 45 litres, this is another aspect that crews of the thirstier cars will have to take into account in their event strategies.

Stage 3 Start and way into the distance