Eureka Rally Future

From Ian Ellis, Secretary of the Ballarat Light Car Club

The Ballarat Light Car Club Eureka Rally Organising Committee were pleased with competitor, sponsor and CAMS response to the recent 2018 event.

The Ballarat Light Car Club has always maintained that it does not have the resources to conduct an ARC Round on its own and has gratefully relied on support from the rest of the Victorian rally community to fill major and minor roles in the event organisation.
The Eureka Rally Organising Committee is proud of what has been achieved in re-establishing the ARC in Victoria with the Eureka Rally, but feels that it does not have the required resources and support within Ballarat and the Victorian rally community to continue promoting the ARC Eureka Rally in 2019.

It is felt that it is only fair to make this intention clear now, so that other clubs or entities with the required resources and interest have sufficient time to work with the Victorian Rally Panel and CAMS ARC management in continuing the ARC Eureka Rally out of Ballarat in 2019 or organising an ARC event somewhere else in Victoria. The Ballarat Light Car Club acknowledges the support of and commitment from CAMS in having an ARC round in Victoria and will provide whatever support it can to the ARC in the future.

VicRally has contacted Justin Hunt, Manager of the CAMS Australian Rally Championship and he has indicated that discussions are in place for a potential new organising team for the Eureka Rally to continue in Ballarat. “A round in Victoria is important to the Championship, and Ballarat is an ideal regional location for the ARC to be held” said Justin.

More information when it comes to hand.