George Woods Postponed

As you are aware, Saturday has been declared a day of Total Fire Ban (TFB) in the Central District. This includes a small but significant part of our route.

We have been in contact with the Forest Fire Management team at DELWP who have studied the weather forecast and tried every avenue to let us run the event; they hoped this would be possible as the Fire Indicators to the east of Melbourne were below the levels at which they would call a TFB. However, current weather forecasting information now shows that the hot conditions will continue through the evening/night and be accompanied by high winds; it is also likely that Sunday will also be declared a day of TFB. They have, very reluctantly, withdrawn permission for us to run tomorrow.

At DELWP’s suggestion, we have put in a formal request to postpone the event for one week so that it would run on Saturday 24 March. We are waiting on confirmation from DELWP, the Recreation Reserve management, the Vic Rally Panel, etc.. Everyone is bending over backwards to make it happen.

So, you now have tomorrow free. Hopefully you will be able to join us next week (assuming that the new date is approved).

We will let you know as soon as the new date is confirmed.

Nick Wright