Here you will find Regulations related to rallying in Victoria.

Victorian Rally Championship

The 2020 VRC Standing Regulations relate to the conduct of the state championship within Victoria. This includes details on eligible vehicles, event formats, crew eligibility, etc. Part B of the document contains recommended event minimum standards for organisers.
Standing Regulations

Victorian Club Rally Series

The 2019 VCRS Series Rules relate to the conduct of the club series. This includes details on eligible vehicles, event formats and crew eligibility.
Series Rules

Victorian Rallying Regulations

2020 Victorian Rally Bulletin – Part A

This document contains relevant information for Competitors, Drivers and Co-drivers.  It provides rally administration contacts, information regarding crew grading and award point scoring, scrutiny matters and intepretations of the National Rally Code for event conducted in Victoria.
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2019 Victorian Rally Bulletin – Part B

This document is for Event Organisers. It contains information relating to the administrative and organisational requirements for events conducted in Victoria. Here you will find who are the area co-ordinators, graded checkers, general requirements, minimum requirements for all road events, road closure procedures, planning requirements, etc.
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