Press Release: Victoria Cross Rally

PRESS RELEASE 24 March 2020

Given the rate of infection spread and the increased restrictions on many aspects of our daily lives, it is now inconceivable that we will be able to conduct the Victoria Cross Rally on 2 May. The rally has therefore been postponed.

Whether it can be run this calendar year remains to be seen but we expect that scheduled forest road closures and priority for VRC events will mean it’s unlikely the Victoria Cross can be rescheduled for any date in 2020.

The HRA encourages all members to treat the Covid-19 threat seriously. It would have been both impractical and irresponsible to further pursue holding the rally. That approach will extend to many other aspects of what was “normal” life and we trust you keep as safe as possible in the time ahead until the pandemic has run its course.

David McKenzie
Clerk of Course