The Victorian Rally Championship is the highest level state rallying in Victoria. It is comprised of a number of rounds around Victoria with a variety of route charted and pace noted events. The events also combine with the OurAuto Rally Series, a single make Hyundai Excel rally series and Fiesta Rally Series Victoria.


The Victorian Club Rally Series is club level rally event series that focuses on navigational style night time rally events as well as a select number of day light route charted events. This series caters for the club level competitor or crews who just have just started in rallying.

The Fiesta Rally Series Victoria is a dedicated single-mark series for 5th & 6th Generation Ford Fiestas. The series is run in conjunction with the Victorian Rally Championship and is intended to be a medium cost rally series, with enjoyment and fellowship equally as important as awards.

The Grant Walker Parts Excel Series is a dedicated single-make series for Hyundai Excel Rally Cars. The series runs in conjunction with the Victorian Rally Championship. This series is an excellent entry-level into rallying in Victoria as there are many already built rally cars available for purchase and the single make series and rules provides a level or parity so it is a true test of driver and crew skill and ability.