Tunbridge Cancelled

Ballarat Light Car Club (BLCC) regrets to announce the late cancellation of VCRS Round 5, the Daryl Tunbridge Trial and Steve Richards R4S Introductory Rally.

The event straddled two Fire Districts from different DELWP Regions.  The District required to refer our application under Land Use Activity Agreement (LUAA) regulations were unaware of our application until a resident’s query this week.  Unfortunately, LUAA consultation takes at least 28 days.

DELWP have apologised for their glitch in co-ordination.  BLCC did not anticipate any issue with that District or its LUAA, due to no significant issues being raised for our 2018 roads in the previous two years.

Postponement into November was offered by the VRP, but BLCC was unable to identify a viable weekend.

The late posting of Supp Regs is quite a separate matter, for which I accept full responsibility.

Terry Brain
Clerk of Course