VEAC Central West Report and Potential Impact of Rallying in Victoria

In March 2017 the Victorian government asked the Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC) to carry out an investigation into public land in the central west of Victoria, including the Wellsford, Wombat, Mount Cole and Pyrenees Range forests.
VEAC has been asked to identify and evaluate the values and current uses of public land in the investigation area and make recommendations for the balanced use and appropriate management arrangements to conserve and enhance the natural and cultural values.
The Victorian Rally Panel (on behalf of CAMS) objects strongly to proposals to change so much State Forest to Parks and Conservation reserves, particularly in the Wombat and Pyrenees State Forests because competitive sections of car rallies are generally not permitted in National Parks, State Parks, Regional Parks and Conservation Reserves.

Submissions to VEAC are open until 10 December 2018. The Victorian Rally Panel is grateful for assistance is has received from a member of the Rally Community, who has had previous exposure to this type of action, in preparing a submission on behalf of CAMS to VEAC.
In addition to a response from the Governing Body, submissions from the General Public are also invited by VEAC and encouraged by the Rally Panel. A template document has been formulated to assist Car Clubs, and Rally Community members to submit a response to the Central West Investigation.

Fact Sheets Summarising the Investigation are available on the VEAC website.

A copy of the template for responding to the VEAC Investigation is available for download here

Tom Ruessman
Victorian Rally Panel Chair