Victorian Rallying Strategic Plan

Rallying in Victoria is already facing, and set to face many more, issues that impact directly on the ongoing viability of the sport. Too often we are focused on dealing with the issues that are immediately before us, not looking ahead to proactively prepare for, and manage potential scenarios before they arise. Therefore, as Chair of the VRP, I (along with the other members) am embarking upon the development, and implementation, of this Strategic Plan for Victorian Rallying, looking at identifying and addressing the issues that will require our attention in the immediate future, and within a broader 5 year timeframe.
The strategic plan will examine the sport of Rallying in Victoria using the following categories as a framework:

  • Event Management
  • Course Checkers/Stewards
  • Competitors
  • Safety Requirements
  • Junior Development
  • Forest/Course Access
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Series Issues
  • Calendaring of Events
  • Vehicle Issues/Eligibility

Rallying in Victoria is going to be faced with an increasing array of challenges that will potentially threaten aspects of our sport, if not addressed in a timely, and responsible manner. In everything we investigate, and in the findings we present, the focus must remain on the ongoing sustainability and viability of Victorian Rallying, ensuring that our actions allow us to further develop and enhance the sport in the coming years. We are putting in the work towards planning now, in order to remain “ahead of the curve” well into the future.

Download Strategic Plan